The Development Managers Help guide to Television Lighting

This informative guide is really a short introduction about lighting. It’s aimed at production Managers and production coordinators to build up their knowledge of lights they might be requested to buy for particular jobs. Lighting cameraman might find certain parts from the good reputation for some lighting products interesting so please continue reading. This informative guide may also help with a few of the jargon utilized in TV Production.

Basically lights are split up into 3 primary types, Tungsten, HMI & Fluorescent.

1) So how exactly does Tungsten work?

Well power is just undergone a really fine wire coil, (known as a tungsten filament) it gets hotter and glows ‘hot’ which emits light. The color temperature from the light is about 3200k (much like your bulbs in your own home)

2) HMI- exactly what does it mean?

(Hydrargyrum Halide Iodide) lights have a similar colour temperature as daylight (5600K to 6000K). They produce four occasions just as much light like a tungsten bulb with similar wattage. HMI lights work differently from Tungsten for the reason that a spark ‘jumps’ or ‘Arcs’ between two pins which spark ignites a gas that is held pressurized within the lamp housing. When that gas glow’s it will so brightly. These lamps require what’s known as a ballast. This can be a heavy box that steps in the current and passes our prime current towards the lamp using a durable ‘header cable’. (Remember not to consider an HMI when it is on, it would be like searching directly in the sun!)

3) Fluorescent- is the fact that like strip lights?

The bottom line is yes these derive from exactly the same principle as domestic strip lights. They’re popular since they’re lightweight and provide off an attractive soft light.


Standard Interview Light Package

The package we are most frequently requested to supply includes four tungsten lights: an Arri 650-watt or 800-watt light having a Chimera, an Arri 300-watt light along with a Dedo light. We incorporate a gel package with a variety of gels along with a reflector.

Here is a description of every light:

Arri 800-watt light (Redhead)

It’s an open-faced (there’s no lens while watching bulb) tungsten light. For interviews, this light is usually combined with a Chimera (more about Chimeras in a moment) like a key light, the primary light accustomed to light a subject’s face.

Arri 650-watt light (mizar)

This can be a Fresnel light – it features a lens with elevated circular ridges on its outer surface which are utilized to focus the beam. It’s frequently used rather from the Arri-800 and in such instances is usually supplied with a Chimera. For interviews this really is generally combined with a Chimera like a key light. However you may also fasten a gobo which light may be used to throw a slash of colour around the background.

Arri 300-watt light (Mizar)

Such as the 650-watt light, this can be a Fresnel light. For interviews, it’s generally utilized as a fill light – an easy to melt any shadows produced through the key light, generally with a few diffusion gel (more about gels in a moment) to lessen its intensity. These lighting is also utilized as a backlight within an interview – an easy directed from behind the topic to focus on the top mind and shoulders.


A Chimera is also referred to as a lightbox or soft box. They fit onto an easy using what’s known as a speed ring which inserts in which the barn doorways are locked in place. You take away the barn doorways and set the rate ring instead. The Chimera looks similar to a box made from white-colored and silver material. It attaches towards the speed ring and sits while watching light so the light shines through it. The result would be to soften the sunshine, turning a harsh source right into a diffuse one.

Trivia: The Chimera Lightbank was invented within the U.S. with a location professional photographer along with a mountaineer to provide photographers with studio quality lighting on location. They founded the organization CHIMERA in 1980 and operate from Boulder, Colorado. Their goods continue being produced in the U.S., stitched in seamstress’s homes, and therefore are individually inspected and initialed.

Speed Rings:


Gels are constructed with gelatin and are available in various colours on rolls. They’re reduce sheets to suit after which installed on the barn doorways from the light using crocodile clips (much like clothes pegs only they are metal). Gels are a crucial part associated with a light package. They can be used as colour correction in order to create special lighting. Understanding this involves a fundamental knowledge of colour temperature. Different types of light sources have superiority of red or blue inside them and may modify the hue of the look you are shooting. For instance, tungsten lights possess a different colour temperature than daylight. What this means is should you be shooting inside a room with a lot of daylight arriving and also you desired to light a topic with tungsten lights you’d have trouble. One solution is by using colour correction gels while watching tungsten lights. These gels can make the sunshine in the tungsten source exactly the same colour temperature because the incoming daylight. Other gels are utilized to diffuse or soften the sunshine. Others could make the sunshine more flattering for interview subjects. Some are utilized to add colour to some source of light and cast that colour without anyone’s knowledge.

Dedo Lights

These lights specified for with a German Director of Photography (DOP) named Dedo Weigert. And so the name Dedo. They’re small , compact and also have a light output equal to much bigger lights. Additionally they offer precision charge of the laser beam they produce. For interviews, they can be used a backlight in order to highlight features without anyone’s knowledge behind the job interview subject.

Other Tungsten Lights

Arri 1,000-watt Fresnel Light

Within the same range because the Arri 300-watt and 650-watt Fresnel lights, this light includes a lens with elevated circular ridges on its outer surface which is often used to concentrate the beam. The Fir,000-watt light is usually employed for assisting to light an inside location.

Arri 2,000-watt Light (Blonde)

Upgrading in the redhead (800-watt open-faced light) you will find the blonde. This light is usually accustomed to help light indoor locations although I’ve known many people for doing things in order to to light a job interview.

Fluorescent Lights

Kino Flos

Kino Flos are fluorescent lights mounted in specifically made fixtures to carry 2 or 4 2 or 4-feet tubes. They cook a awesome (within the “not hot” feeling of the term), soft, energy-efficient light that’s good for interviews as well as for lighting a lot of people. They are utilised like a key light and cast a gentle diffuse light within the subject that is very flattering. They’re a great option to utilizing a tungsten light having a Chimera. An additional advantage is that they take both tungsten and daylight tubes so that you can easily rely on them in indoor places where there’s a sizable window or skylight that lets in several sun light.

Trivia: These were introduced by the gaffer, Frieder Hochheim, and the best boy, Gary Swink, around the film Barfly later. Both of these innovators were your cramped interior location and also the DOP was utilizing a wide position lens. This meant there wasn’t any space to place a standard lighting rig. The answer – fluorescent lights that may be hidden, easily mounted and controlled with quiet remote ballasts. Because they do not warm up, they’re excellent if you are shooting in the same position for any lots of time. These were a genuine hit using the cast and crew of Barfly and therefore are now utilized in movies and television production around the globe.

We regularly provide Kino Flos to shoot interviews with celebrities along with other much talked about talent. They’re famous interview satiations they do not create the Mike heat that tungsten lights do. The number includes: 4 x 4-feet tubes inside a fixture 4 x 2-feet tubes inside a fixture and 4 x 2-feet tubes inside a fixture.

Diva Lites

Made by Kino Flo, forms of fluorescent tube lights. They are available in one size only – four two-feet tubes – and they’ve a built-in as opposed to a remote ballast-dimmer. This will make them especially quick to setup and take lower. Such as the Kino Flos, Diva Lites are superb for shooting interviews. They cast a gentle diffuse light that’s flattering for talent and interview subjects.

Production manager benefit: Everything is available in one situation so if you’re flying abroad there’s less baggage, in addition the sunshine could be setup and de rigged very rapidly, the lamp doesn’t need to awesome lower therefore the crew can wrap promptly- no overtime! (sorry crew)

Kamio 6 Ring Light

This can be a unique light that mounts around the barrel from the camera lens so you obtain a constant light in the axis from the lens. It makes sense a gentle light that smoothes rough edges and flatters the talent. It features a palm-sized ballast that mounts around the camera and runs from the camera battery. The package includes a matte-box tray holder. We’ve used this light in studio as well as on place for static shots as well as for tracking shots. Within the situation of tracking shots it provides a regular flattering light. Once the camera will get near to the subject, a beautiful catch light creates a white-colored ring within the eye that is very flattering.

HMI Lights

They’re mainly utilized in indoor locations with many different ambient daylight or outdoors during daytime hrs.

Arri 200-watt HMI Light

They are portable HMI lights that may operate on batteries or mains power and are perfect for lifting the sunshine on talent being filmed outdoors. We mainly utilize them for pieces to camera or interviews shot outdoors.

Arri 575-watt HMI Light

This light could be powered having a mains supply only and it is most frequently employed for lighting an inside location with ambient daylight or lighting talent talking with camera if mains power is definitely accessible.

Arri 1.2K (1200-watt) HMI Light

This light could be powered having a mains supply only. It’s most frequently employed for lighting indoor locations with ambient daylight or lighting talent inside or outdoors, particularly if it is really vibrant outdoors.

Arri 2.5K (2500-watt) HMI Light

This light could be powered having a mains supply only. It’s most frequently employed for lighting indoor locations with ambient daylight or lighting outside locations.